The Voyage Collection

Little did Maître de Claude know of what the future held for him when he made his way into the vast world in search of new motifs and themes to enrich the heritage of his family of architects who specialized in designing arches. Maître de Claude was not quite content with the extent of skillfulness and creativity his ancestors have achieved and believed it was time to bring in more ideas to further the family’s heritage and keep it ahead of all other competition.

Fortune had other plans for Maître de Claude in store. From a pilgrim of architectural artistry to a paragon of perfume making, Maître de Claude’s life story was written with notes of a different kind.

It is said that Maître de Claude travelled the world in so many places, and experienced the beauty of its cultures starting from Sicily through Tahiti, spending months in Morocco, Egypt amongst other destinations. L’Arc perfumes are a tribute to these wonderful destinations.